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       Our diagnostic radiology services with advanced equipment and technology is used accurately and efficiently and as a result, the patient is diagnosed promptly. Our Top of the line CT scan is a high speed 64 slice CT machine developed with modern technology. It can create up to 64 images in a single cycle. The image results are high precision photos of any organ, especially the heart. The CT scan catches the movements of the organs with such a clear picture in both 2D and 3D, that the doctor can give an accurate prognosis, treatment plan, and treatment quickly.

       Computerized tomography is a diagnostic test that uses a x-ray technology and computer generated images to create cross-sectional images (usually called slices) to show detail images of bones, muscles, blood vessels and internal organs the scan is many used for patients whom have had car accidents or other types of trauma related conditions. Because a CT scan produces images instantly it is also used to examine chest and abdomen problems, detection and diagnostic of vascular diseases that can lead to strokes, kidney failure and death. It is very good in the early detection of cancers throughout the body.

       Diagnostic imaging is an increasingly important tool in your medical treatment. Our highly trained radiologic technologists will assist you with CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds 4D, and bone densitometry analysis to insure you’re on the road to a healthy recovery.

       We have a qualified radiology team to help and monitor you throughout your CT scan and follow-up treatments. Our equipment is of high technology with that of other private hospitals in the region. Costs of treatments are reduced as we are in the public not private sector of health care but we do however offer local and international patients top quality care and attention when it comes to health care services and treatments with a team of international and locally trained doctors and nurses to be with you when help is needed most. So come on in and make an appointment for you CT scan now, early detection is your best bet to fight disease earlier and feel healthier faster.


The PPH 64-Slice CT Scan

Types of CT Scans:

       - Heart CT: Coronary CT Angiography
       - Brain CT
       - Blood Vessels: Cerebral, Renal, Arms, Legs, and lower body arteries
       - Lung Lesion and Lung Nodule CT
       - Abdominal CT
       - Colonography CT
       - Bone CT: Spine, ankles, pelvic bone, metatarsal bone, tibia & Fibia, skull, ribs, sinus & others
       - Coronary Calcium Score

Benefits of a CT SCAN

       - Quick and highly non-invasive precise examination for various diseases
       - 3 types of lesions affecting interal organs in the chest cavity can be diagnosed: lungs, heart and coronary arteries
       - Clogged or Ruptured coronary and cerebral arteries can be detected to help prevent a heart attact and prescribe more precise treatment
       - Abdominal, cerebral, bone, congenital coronary anomalies can be detected
       - Diagnosis of arterial occlusion with anomalous cardiograms
       - The amount of calcium in the coronary arteries can be measured
       - Polyps in the gastro-intestinal system can be detected before they become intestinal cancer


What is Ultrasound?
       Ultrasound is a type of sound wave which has a frequency higher than 20,000 Hz. At present the ultrasound wave is used to develop medical equipment to detect various diseases including the fetus’s health in the womb.

       Seeing your unborn child for the first time is a very special experience. 4D Ultrasound (image left), which is a type of sound wave which uses high frequency to produce a picture of the organs in the body. A 4D ultrasound uses a special sonogram machine that creates a moving, life-like picture by taking rapid digital images. A standard ultrasound only provides a 2D image of the Fetus, but the 4D ultrasound creates a 3D image in REAL TIME, rather than a delayed image in normal 3D ultrasounds. With this 4D ultrasound, you will be able to get a realistic image of the baby, such as facial features, movements during procedure and it helps detect any abnormalities.

2D ultrasound

3D Ultrasound


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