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General Dentistry

       We offer oral examinations and consultations for all types of tooth & gum problems and conditions. We provide expert advice on root canal treatments and tooth extraction procedures. Come and visit us for advice on dentures, crowns and tooth capping. Facilities include dental x-ray system, international standard dental sterilization equipment dental suites with general anesthesia capability.

       We want you to have a healthy smile and feel good about your teeth. Tooth decay and gum disease are mainly caused by plaque, a coating of harmful germs that are constantly forming on your teeth. These germs can destroy the surface of the teeth and can lead to painful gums, teeth, bad breath and can become costly. Regular check-ups, proper diet, flossing and brushing must be done to reduce dental problems and overall teeth and oral problems.

"Look after your teeth and they will look after you"


       Flossing and brushing teeth is the first way to prevent tooth decay and gum problems. Bacteria and food particles must be removed; this means brushing regularly after each meal from upper right to left and lower left to right, brushing should be done at a 45 degree angle. Here at Phuket Provincial hospital dental center we provide a variety of treatments to combat and repair dental problems to bring back your healthy smile. Our professionally trained dentists offer a range of treatments for your teeth care and hygiene.

       Our Modern Clinic and services are provided by our Dental specialists. Our, PPH, clinic is equipped with modern dental medical technology. Oral health care services.

Oral health care services.
Tooth abstuction
Crowning and capping
Root canal treatment
Treatment of Periodontal disease
Scaling teeth

"Our dental center provides all what is necessary to give you back that wonderful smile"

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