International Department/PPHC (Phuket Provincial Hospital)

What do we do?

The International Office is a one-stop office that assists international patients in their treatment for any illness or injury. The International Office staff makes it easy to receive care by coordinating the medical and personal needs for patients prior to their arrival, during their stay and upon discharge.

Who is PPHC?
      We provide help for all international patients with or without insurance for the best possible convenience while being treated at Phuket Provincial Hospital

      Our specialization is the international claims department, we co-ordinate with oversea insurance and all medical assistance providers worldwide to make sure the patient will have a smooth hospital experience.

      PPHC Working together with PPH:

      The international department at Phuket Provincial Hospital, with experienced English speaking staff, is available to support all emergency cases and situations that may occur.

      With our new concept of private hospital services and infrastructure in a Government hospital, it allows us to focus on an extraordinary service as well as affordable prices for people around the world.

Our International Department Staff

Head of Department - Khun Ben
      Khun Ben is originally from Bangkok, but after living in England for several years he moved to Phuket. Ben is a seasoned PPHC staff. He has a degree in Hospitality Management from England where he lived, worked and studied for 14 years. His English is excellent and he is service minded to make sure you have a smooth experience from start to finish at PPH. He has worked in many hotels both in Thailand and in England, as well as a coordinator for Tiger Muy Thai.

      Languages – Thai and English
      Contact- Tel. +66 (0) 7635 8888 Ext- 2197 +66(0) 81939 5549
      Direct Office/Fax - +66 (0) 7635 8844
      Email- or

International Coordinator - Khun Nuch
      Khun Nuch is originally from Trang but moved to Phuket when she was 7 years old. Her English is good, and she learned English from studying, movies, and music and also learned Chinese at vocational school, University and at hotel training in China. She has a degree in Hospitality Management from Thailand, and has several years’ experience working in hotels throughout Thailand in several different areas. She is very outgoing and serviced minded and she will make sure all your transactions will be quickly finished.

      Languages – Thai, Chinese, and English
      Contact- Tel. +66 (0) 7635 8888 Ext- 2197
      Direct Office/Fax - +66 (0) 7635 8844
      Email- or

Our Services:

  • International Insurance Coordination
  • Medical Consulting
  • Repatriation
  • Visa Extensions
  • Traveling Support
  • Emergency Help
  • Multiple Languages Services
  • One Stop Service
  • Local Travel Vaccinations & Medical Checks
  • Medical Cert for Work Permits&Visas
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