Our History

             Phuket Provincial Hospital (PPH) was established to alleviate the burden of the city of Phuket. The medical industry personnel suffered many problems. There were not enough nurses to provide the patients with quality medical treatments. Patients with severe medical diagnosis had to wait long periods of time and some did not receive care because patient beds were limited. Back then, if you wanted better care then you must be admitted to a private hospital, then the cost is very high. Now there is PPH, to take care you with low costs and same great service.

             Phuket Provincial Hospital was built to ensure that the public health sector in Phuket, Thailand is provided with satisfactory high medical standards, efficient services, and most important to solve the medical problems suffered by the people of Phuket. To ensure that this happens, PPH, is joining with an outsourcing company, Thonburi Hospital Public Company Limited, which has experience in Hospital Administration for over 33 years and is responsible for managing 19 Hospitals nationwide. Thonburi and PPH together ensures that the people of Phuket will receive the quality care with low prices.

             Through our short time serving Phuket and nearby provinces, just over a year and a half, Phuket has entrusted us to care for their people. PPH is committed to the further development and advancement in all areas of our hospital.

Phuket Provincial Hospital

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