Official Government Name : Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (in Thai: Ron Ban Or Bor Jor)

Shortened Official Name : Phuket Provincial Hospital or PPH

Size : 190 Beds (there were 129 to begin with)

Type of Hospital: Primary and Secondary treatment

PPH Land and Buildings consists of 2 structures:
    1) The 10-story High hospital and 10 private patient rooms ( total area 29,679 Square meters)
    2) 5-story building with dormitory rooms for patients family, doctors, and nurses (total area 9,977 Square meters)

We were set up as a secondary care public treatment facility to offer its community a less expensiverlternation to expensive private health care, yet providing the same quality as other hospitalsand to help ease the burden on the overcroowded hospital facilities on the island.

The hospital itself is 10 stories high, (29,679 M2) accommodation 129 patient beds with room for expansion to 190 beds and treating up to 300 patients a day. phuket provincial hospital offers its patients cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities not often found in a community public hospital settion with quality and service in mind.

Phuket Provincial Hospital

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